About – English

In September 2020 Nancy Aberle and Mark Keogh set up the first collaborative Feldenkrais® and ABM ® Centre for children in Switzerland.

Together they bring over 38 years of experience working to support and improve the lives of children in many countries. Nancy and Mark speak English and German.

Nancy Aberle

Nancy is a senior Feldenkrais® and ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner. She has been working with children and adults since 1998 in her full-time in Zürich.

Nancy and Lynn Bullock have been running the Empowering Parents Workshop together since 2014. These workshops give parents powerful ways of supporting their children’s development. She has lead advanced trainings for Feldenkrais and ABM practitioners since 2004.

Mark Keogh

Mark is a senior Feldenkrais® and ABM NeuroMovement® practitioner. Mark has been a Feldenkrais® practitioner since 2004 and ran a full-time practice in Dublin until 2020 when he moved to Zürich with his family.

He continues to work in Dublin as well as Zürich, Geneva and Denmark.

Mark has been a teaching assistant with Nancy Aberle and Lynn Bullock on the Empowering parents workshops since 2015.

Mark and Nancy both hold the EMr quality label. EMR stands for “Experience Medicine Register”. On this basis, most Swiss complementary medicine health insurance policies participate in the cost of the lessons.